Tapas Tour in Alicante city

Come and enjoy with us doing this Tapas Tour in Alicante where you will discover new flavours and dishes. Also this is a different way to discover the city of Alicante and find out more about its history, way of life and interesting places to visit.


As you probably know, the word "Tapas" is used in Spain when we go out to eat in a more informal way at a more informal place. We normally call these places "bars" rather than restaurants. Dress code is less formal, prices are more reasonable, service is faster and you can have just one drink or a full meal based on "tapas" or small dishes of food.


So, we normally order this type of small dishes, called "tapas" or "raciones", and we share the food between us. In this way we can try many different types of food, meet new tapas bars, meet new people.. It is like a pub crawl to eat and drink.


This Tapas Tour will take you to different streets of Alicante town, showing you a variety of local shops, interesting places to visit and many other places to have good home-made tapas in Alicante.


It is a nice way to get to know this town a bit better and have some lovely food in a very typical Spanish way.


We will visit 3 tapas bars that are very popular amongst the local people, in each one of them we will have something to eat and something to drink, as you do when you go out for tapas. The local guide will explain you all the things you are trying and will also show you the way to order it in a restaurant when you go by yourself.

Please see the rest of the details down below and enjoy your food!

What is included:
3 tapas & 3 drinks at the restaurants.
Local tour leader leading in English and Spanish (* see TL note at the end).
Orientation guided walk in Alicante.

What is not included:
Any other food or drinks you might order in the restaurants we visit.



Please contact us to check for available dates and prices for this tour.


Duration of the tour: from 3 to 4 hours.


Pickup Points and Departing Times:
Alicante Paseo de la Explanada 8. In front of McDonalds restaurant.
Lunch and dinner times available (11am and 17pm)


Physical grade:
Only over 18 can have alcoholic drinks. Specific health conditions not required. You need to be able to walk for at least one hour.


Also it will be convenient that you have a broad taste and open mind regards food tasting. Tapas can not be chosen and they will contain vegetables like garlic, onions and meat, fish or sea-food, depending on the season. If you have any special requirements for food, please let us know.


What to bring & wear:
Comfortable clothes and shoes.
Recommendable to bring water and sun-cream (In Summer during day time).


Minimum Group:
10 people.


Note for TL: Our tour leaders are available for you 100% of the time in these trips, so if you have any questions, you need advice or any suggestions, please do not hesitate in asking them.



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