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We are a small local company that offers day tours and excursions in & around Alicante city and Costa Blanca.


We are looking for people that really want to get off the beaten track and see the unique character of this beautiful region, try the "get-local" experience and adventure in new places and situations.


Our Aim:

We would like to offer you a personalised service from knowledgeable, local, Spanish&English speaking guides, visiting unique and authentic places to make your time in Spain an enjoyable and unforgettable travel experience.


Our Philosophy:

We love our region so we encourage sustainable travel being always concerned about the impact tourism has in the visited area and trying to minimise this impact as much as possible. We will use local operators that share this philosophy with us.

We also want to help villages and communities visited promoting their local products, handicrafts and businesses, so they can see in tourism a way to sustain and develop their economies.


Good things about visiting with us:


Apart from enjoying your time in Spain doing something different, the good things about travelling with us are:

-We want to welcome you and treat you in a personal way, so you feel you have been part of a different and not conventional experience.

-For that reason we recommend that our travel groups are small (10/20 people), so we encorage everybody in the group participating in the experience, and this only happens when groups are small.

-You will get to see places that are dificult to reach if you do not have your own transport.

-You will be able to just relax and absorb the travel experience without being worried about other practical things (getting lost, not understanding, booking tickets, etc).

-You will get closer to the local gastronomy, wines and spirits without worrying about drinking driving or driving when you are tired.

-We take you to the local producers, so this trips are great for buying local products at a better price and excellent quality.



Mandarinablue Tours

Email: mandarinabluetours@gmail.com

Telephone. +34-685-288-293

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